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Current Gun Safety Classes

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Weapon's safety classes are required to get your Utah concealed carry permit.

Utah Gun Safety Instructors

There are over 1000 certified Utah Gun Safety Instructors offering the Utah gun safety class that is required to get your Utah concealed weapons permit. This site was set up to let all Utah gun safety instructors list current and upcoming classes, so that individuals wanting their Utah concealed weapons permit can meet the Utah gun safety class requirement. If you are an Utah Gun Safety Instructor, and would like to list your upcoming safety classes, please send us an Email with your name and state. Once we have verified that you are a currently certified instructor, we will Email you instructions for logging into the Instructor admin area.

Utah Gun Safety Students

Individuals who would like to take their Utah gun safety class, should click on their state in the menu on the left, to see which classes are currently being offered in your area. if you find a class and time that you are interested in, please sign up for that class as soon as possible, so that the instructor can get you any materials that you may need for the class, or so that they are able to get all of your information entered into their systems before the class. Some instructors only accept so many students, so if you do not sign uip early, you may have to wait for the next available class.

States Offering Recognition/Reciprocity with Utah's Concealed Weapons Permit

Please view the information on your specific state's concealed weapons policy as it pertains to the Utah Concealed Carry Permit.

Utah Concealed Carry States

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